Engineering Services Department

Whole factory automatic production planning and integration.

According to customer’s demand of production and process need, we carry out equipment design, planning and system integration to create the maximum production benefit.

Automatic improve equipment of each industry

Assess process demand, import or add related automation equipment or modules to simplify human resources and spaces.

Modification and function improvement of equipment

New/Old mechanical equipment modification and improvement.


Product Application

Contact Lenses Equipment

  • Color Contact Lens Printing Machine with Auto Detection
  • High Efficiency Molding Machine
  • High Precision Filling Machine
  • UV/Thermo Curing Equipment
  • Auto Array De-Lensing Machine in Dry/Wet Process
  • Auto Conveyor System for Mold Storage
  • Auto Loading Hydration System
  • AOI System for Dry/Wet Lens
  • LFS (Loading-Filling-Sealing) System for Blister Packing

AOI System Automation Equipment

  • Edge and Process Optical Inspection (AOI System for Dry/Wet Lens)
  • Visual Positioning Automation Blister Packing
  • Packaging Visual Inspection System
  • OCR Text Recognition Equipment
  • Visual Inspection Automation Equipment
  • Poker Tear Strip Package Inspection

Low Noise Automatic Storage for Small Spaces

Mini load AS/RS Store small products and parts in container and cardboard box units.

  • Power saving design
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Low Noise design
  • Barcode management
  • Emergency Stop (including Operator / Storage )
  • Intelligent handling system
  • Single storage load 50kgs (Different options are available.)
  • Applicable Industries: Medical supplies / restaurants / electronic components / e-commerce / hardware parts / food and beverage / retail / chemical / photoelectric / small logistics center